Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I know, lovely picture from the photographer- I JUST took it with my iPhone, not the fancy schmancy camera I have :)
Anyway, this is our home-away-from-home for approx. 12 days, starting in 10 days... confused yet?

I should start by saying this is a little bitter sweet for me. See, when we originally decided to take this camping adventure, I was a tad apprehensive (umm, have you MET me???) and frankly, had no intention of- a) getting 'into' this trip or b)having any fun whatsoever. Well, my husband quickly figured this out, so he decided to 'redo' our camper in an effort to 'rally the troops' (ie. ME)... that's right, our 1973 Coleman pop up camper that sleeps 4 (yes, there are 6 of us). Ok, we replaced the floor, re tiled, painted all the 70's wood a really hip red and reupholstered the booth cushions in a really trendy striped fabric... the booth cushions were all I really did :) The overall product was mesmerizing... at least from the stand point that it WAS from 1973, it was FREE and the remodel actually made me buy into the whole 'camping' thing... a little!

Ok, fast forward a few weeks and we get a call, or rather a text from my dad that his friend is getting rid of his pop-up and would we like to go see it? My immediate reaction was "Ummm, NO, does he even REALIZE how much time WE spent redoing ours???" (which was really Stacey- 3 straight days in the blinding heat, me- 2 hours one evening with a staple gun and a Bud Lime, but whatever). Then he mentioned that it was a 1995, sleeps 6, has a sink, stove, and microwave, and doesn't smell like, well, a 1973 pop up camper. Ok, by that point I was intrigued.

We looked, we smiled, we bought.

Now I have guilt that we promised that 37 year old camper that we were going to take her to Yellowstone and then left her for a newer, younger model. Isn't that every woman's nightmare??? So now we have a garage that holds 2 campers... but the one pictured above is our new one- here is the old one:

I did my remodel magic on the new one as well, making new curtains and recovering the booth seats and will take inside pics soon. It's set up in our driveway as we start packing it up- so far we have a bath basket (all the stuff we'll take to the showers in YS) toothbrushes and tooth paste, hiking backpacks with first aid kids, and all that jazz, camping chairs, minimal dishes, towels, and last night I made the beds. We pull out of town Friday morning, 3am-ish (July 9th). We are trying to get to Manitou Springs to see my friend Clare by a decent hour Friday, before heading out again at some ungodly hour Saturday morning for the remainder of our, what I'm sure is to be a family bonding and incident free drive to Wyoming.

More on the trip later- I know I have more to say, but I'll save it for tomorrow and hopefully will NEVER go this long without blogging again!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Songbook- Goodbye Rue!

Did you know this song was actually recorded by a man and was on the Billboard Top 100 in 1978? Me neither! Here's my salute to Bea and Rue... two Golden Girls I will miss... these were really funny gals that had pretty amazing lives. Check out their Bio's on the Biography channel if you get a chance... you'll be surprised at what you learn about them!
Thank You For Being a Friend
by Andrew Gold- 1978 Billboard Music Charts
by Cindy Fee for the show
Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.

And if you through a party
Invited everyone you ever knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend.
Check this video out for extra words to the song :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Family Friday- movies? maybe

So, we've spent, well, three nights over the last week watching Karate Kid I, II , and III. We are priming the kids for the release of the NEW Karate Kid, which comes out today... Stacey doesn't get off tonight until 7pm, so I don't see us getting out that late to see it, especially on opening night, but I MAY be able to talk him into the matinee tomorrow morning? The only one I worry about is Lucas, but I think if I bring headphones and turn the brightness down low, he could play with my phone if need be. I want to see it, though I am a loyal Ralph Macchio and don't know if this Smith kid can compete with the level of pathetic Macchio has perfected over the years... who knows... I'll let you know if it all works out. I am now on the hunt for the Karate Kid movie with the blond girl... I guess I should mention that we have that Netflix that streams movies right through the PS3, so if we want something, we get on the computer, select it, and have it playing 5 min later! I love technology :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Thoughts- computer time

As much as I look forward to summer, I forgot about all the TIME we have on our hands.... I am home... with 4 kids... and no consistant plans. This is where Webkinz comes in... at least for now. This very moment, as I get ready to make dinner (the THIRD meal of the day, not to be confused with the bedtime snack which, with 3 boys, is like another meal), my sweet kids are all at the breakfast table playing Webkinz... with eachother... with no screaming involved. I love 5:30-6:30 because they know that's what they get to do IF they have gotten along all day. Today, they have, though that is not always the case. I will continue this new summer tradition for as long as it works.

In other news, I woke up yesterday with this crazy crick in my neck- kept heat on it all day and today, woke up with is 10x worse than yesterday! I think we've figured it out and already, I can at least turn my head enough to drive safely, but it still hurts and I still need the heated rice bag every hour or so... blah! Happy Summer to me!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Hearts of Aggieland

What makes Texas A&M so special?
It isn't hard to understand.
The answer is found when one is transformed
By the Spirit of Aggieland.
Some may scoff at our traditions.
Some may mock our sense of pride.
But what other school plays Silver Taps
When one of its own has died?

Could it be the famous Corps of Cadets,
Or perhaps the Fighting Texas Aggie Band?
Could it be ol' Sul Ross, or E. King Gill,
The original Twelfth Man?
Maybe it's the student body, ready and willing
To answer the call, who proudly stand.
Or the Aggie bond, when you see
Another's senior ring, introduce yourself,
And shake his hand.

Maybe it's Reveille, or Kyle Field,
Or the Aggie War Hymn and its "Hullabaloo".
Perhaps its Bonfire, signifying our burning desire
To "Beat the Hell Outta t.u!"
Maybe it's the Former Students.
There are no "exes" here.
Maybe it's Muster, when the Roll is called,
And another answers, "Here".

You see, my friend, all of these and more
Make Texas A&M stand apart.
For once you're an Aggie, you're always an Aggie, and the Spirit burns within your heart.
And though "some may boast of prowess bold of The school they think so grand",
The Spirit is alive, and they bleed maroon
In the Hearts of Aggieland.

Pat Canuteason
Class of '77
Copyright 1993
All Rights Reserved

Tuesday Ten

I put my iPhone on shuffle and these are the first 10 songs that came on :)

10. Dedicated to the One I Love-

The Mamas & The Papas

9. Say You Love Me-

Fleetwood Mac

8. Somebody Like You-

Keith Urban

7. Gloria-

Laura Branigan

6. Shut Up and Let me Go-

The Ting Tings

5. Stompin' at the Savoy-

Harry Connick Jr.

4. Take It Easy-

The Eagles

3. American Ride-

Toby Keith

2. Just Missed the Train-

Kelly Clarkson

1. Ain't Goin Down (Til the Sun Comes Up)-

Garth Brooks